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What are the requirements to participate?

  • To be a current student or teacher at a secondary, post-secondary or university educational center.
  • Not having been a customer of any of the GeneXus Suite’s products.

Do I need to have previous knowledge?

  • In order to take the GeneXus course, the knowledge described in the following link is required: https://bit.ly/3h1y0YM.
  • If you are familiar with these topics, you are qualified to participate.

What does GeneXus for Students include?

GeneXus Learning License made up of:

Duration of the course

How much does GeneXus for Students cost?

  • The price is US$99 plus tax (22%).

What payment methods are available?

  • In Uruguay: Banred, Red Pagos, MasterCard, and Visa.
  • Other countries: MasterCard, Visa.

What are the limitations of the GeneXus For Students license?

  • It is a learning version; you can develop all the applications of the course and prototype many more. You have the chance to learn without limits! (https://bit.ly/GeneXus-Trial-Version)

What is the duration of the license?

  • The license is delivered initially for 3 months. As long as you pass the certification before the deadline, you get 9 extra months to complete one year.

What are the conditions for certification?

  • You have 3 months from the date of purchase to obtain a certification.
  • You can sign up for any one of the available dates.
  • Signing up and not participating will result in the loss of the certification.
  • You can register up to 72 hours before the certification exam.
  • You can unsubscribe up to 24 hours before the certification exam.

I’m already a GeneXus Junior Analyst, GeneXus Analyst, or Senior Analyst

  • In this case, you immediately get the GeneXus Learning license for a full year, with no need to retake the course or get certified.

Is it mandatory to take the course?

  • The course is not mandatory, but it is advisable to take advantage of it responsibly. The course is planned so that you can get certified and have a good experience using the tool. The only mandatory requirement is to get certified before the deadline to continue with the plan. Complete course information here https://bit.ly/Curso-GeneXus).

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