GeneXus is the quickest way to become part of the world of technology. It is an easy-to-learn platform and also fast for creating quality applications. It is used by top-notch companies in their main business. Now it is here to enable you to reach what you are expecting to achieve.

What is GeneXus for Students?

12-month GeneXus Learning License +

International Certification +


You can have it forUS$ 2000 US$ 99a year

You can get it for USD 1200

USD 99 a year

Why Choose Us

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Get your GeneXus for Students Certification

After you obtain the GeneXus International Certificate, you will be able to quickly access the labor market.

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Fast access to the labor market

Being proficient in GeneXus will enable you to become a candidate for the job positions offered by the 8,500 companies that use this development tool.

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Access the GeneXus Community

Be part of the largest Low-Code community with +130,000 members worldwide. There, you will learn and discover, and you will also benefit from every experience.

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Develop for yourself and for others

With GeneXus for Students, you can create applications for yourself. It is an unlimited opportunity to learn!

GeneXus Certification Course

GeneXus Certification Course

Ask Anibal

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Anibal is here to help you, because the better for you will be the best for all.
Ask him whatever you need to know! He is usually very quick in responding. 馃槈